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Falling for them again

yeah i'm addicted to the new song by flumpool. it has been on loop. though my love for them sorta gone cold lately, this one burns it up again. good job, kazuki! though u're off the picture now, i know you're working hard at the back.

so it has been waaaay back since my last post. and because i'm too happy with the new song, i tried to give a shot at translating it. here it goes:

flumpool - 大切なものは君以外に見当たらなくて |

I could find none other as precious as you


「あぁ ごめんね」って ねぇ 君は今日も
そう 目を腫らし 歩いていくんだ
「こんな 私でも ねぇ 支えたい」 そう 夢を見る 勇敢な日々

いつも 胸を痛めて いつも 嘆きながら

今 街中に そう 部屋中に あぁ ため息は 絶えやしないけど
頑張りすぎないでよ 考えすぎないでよ
単純にそうつまり 笑っていてよ

そう 現に愛に世界中 動かされてく
もう 些細な 他愛ない 問題 君が笑えば
そう everything everything 君だけが 大事なんだよ

そっと ありがとう ねぇ 君は今日も
そう 繰り返し 暮らしていくんだ
満員電車に揺られ 小さなその肩で 見知らぬ誰かを 支えている

きっと 誰かが君を きっと 信じるから
今日も 君は笑うよ

重要なのは今 君が 生きている事
もう いっそ全部 無くしても 失うものはない
もう 些細な 他愛ない 心配 君が笑えば
そう 24 24 君という愛を感じよう

叫ぼう 胸の痛みを 刻もう 夢見ながら
進もう 威風堂々 君と 生きてゆく

最愛の君がいつも 輝くために
今 現に愛が この僕を 動かしてゆく
そう 手にしたい 手にしたい 存在 君に触れたい
そう 24 24 君がいる ここにいる

今 現に愛に誰もがそう 動かされてく
もう 些細な 他愛ない 問題 生きていれば
そう 24 24 君だけが 大事なんだよ
どんな時も 愛している


"Oops, I'm sorry", now you said that again, and then you walked away with your swollen eyes

"If only i could be of any help" keeping on dreaming of that, without losing any hope

As always, the heart is hurting, constantly living in grief

Now, in this whole town, also, throughout this room, aah, the sighs are never-ending

There's no need to try too hard, or to think too much. Just take it easy, and laugh it out

I could find none other as precious as you

You know, love is making the world go round as we talk

All problems seem to be petty and silly once you smile

Yes, everything, everything, is not important as much as you

Gently saying thank you, over and over, that's how you live on today as well

Swayed in a packed train, that small shoulder of yours, is supporting another stranger

No doubt, someone is putting trust in you, for sure

And today, you're smiling too

What's important is that you're living

Even if everything else is gone, i lose nothing

All worries just seem petty and silly once you smile

Yeah, 24/7, feeling the love in the presence of you

Yell out, all the pain in the heart, make a mark as you go towards your dream

Advance ahead as high and mighty as you can be, and live this life

My sweet dear, you're so brilliant as always

Right now, this love is turning me alive for real

How i want you so bad, so bad, be a part of your life

Yeah, 24/7, you're here, right here

I could find none other as precious as you

You see, everyone is being moved around by the work of love

All problems seem to be petty and silly if you live on

Yes, 24/7, nothing else is important but you

At all times, i'm in love with you

Only with you