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Oh my, i don't know how many times i've been listening to this on repeat. i was soooo sad when they announce the recruitment to participate in the making of this music video and i couldn't make it due to other engagements on the said weekend. the Oooooo part has been really catchy from the teaser trailer and once they aired it for the firt time in their radio show, thankfully i got the rip and i've been listening on loop ever since. Now they've put up the full video, just watching it for the first few seconds already recalls how i felt during their live shows, it's so stunning it makes me cry unknowingly. They always make me amazed. Yeah~ *speechless*

As inscrutable the vocalist, Uchisawa can ever be as always, expressions worn by other members really makes you feel how intoxicated they are performing it too, it just makes you feel so fun. The guitarist, Sato just has that boyish charm, making you smile as you see him having fun throughout it while the drummer, Ito who mysteriously has that killing beam he doesn't show often and bassist, Maeda like a big brother showing you the skills he has there. All resonates beautifully with Uchisawa's wonderful voice.

Oh yeah, this reminds me a chuckling moment when i actually heard they said 'voice' in a katakanized english, it sounds like bo-i-su = 'boys'.

They do have staff with excellent english at their side, just look at their website, it has been a lot of help (at least to me) with the english explanation coming together with the japanese, they might think it's cool to have it in english as well, whoever it may be thankfully they got full-fledged people to do it.

And now i really really long to see them live. the last time was abt 4 months ago, n the next tour is end of the year. i need to see them, i miss them T.T

Maybe with the tie-up with the TV drama, more people will recognize them, and looking at recent approach of utilizing their looks more than before, crawling out a bit from their shell of mysteriousness (can you believe, it takes up to nearly the release of the 4th album that they actually disclose their names properly?). Quite a bad news to me now the tickets to their shows is more expensive, but even with big venues, they already showed it to me they manage to pull it off magnificently.

Now they already made me expect high for their next concert goods. i don't know what kind of designers they have, what marvelous job they'e done so far. enough babbling, here's the lyric's and translation of the new song:






投げ出したもの 指差したもの
信じてみてよ 愛してみてよ

今 誰の代わりもいない君の 生まれた声を聞かせてよ
どこにも代わりのいない君の 生まれた声で歌ってよ


繋がってみたり 流されたふりして



選ばせたのも 決めさせたのも

ねえ聴こえるよ 呼ぶ声がする
信じてみてよ 愛してみてよ

今 誰の代わりもいない君の 涙の声を聞かせてよ
どこにも代わりのいない君の 掲げた声で歌ってよ



信じてみてよ 愛してみてよ

今 誰の代わりもいない君の 生まれた声を聞かせてよ
どこにも代わりのいない君が 信じた声で叫んでよ




Wondering who am I again today
In a struggle as we dance

Who was the one that started it all
The lies comprising of dreams and hopes

The ringing rhythm now turns into sound
The things I reach my hands out to
The acts of closing my eyes and covering my ears
They were all something i chose by my own will

Things I've given up, things i point to
Things I let go as I said 'Goodbye'
Try to believe, and try to love
So you'll see how much further you can fly

At this moment, let me hear the voice born within you, yes the irreplaceable you
Sing your heart out with that voice within you, as nowhere I can find anyone like you

Don't disappear
Nor make it disappear
Just with your voice

At times, we do get hurt
Trying to connect with others, pretending to mix along

Who was the one that ends it all
The lies comprising of dreams and hopes

Being amidst the lining crowd
Shedding out tears as no one knows

Leaving all the decisions to others
Feeling needed by no one

But hey, I can hear it, someone's calling!
Calling myself who had forgotten the word 'I'm sorry'
Try to believe, and try to love
You can fly higher than ever before!

At this moment, let me hear the teary voice of yours, yes the irreplaceable you
Sing your heart out with your raised up voice, as nowhere i can find anyone like you

Not of tomorrow, nor of yesterday
I want to like myself of this moment today

I want to be satisfied of my past and future
I want to like myself of this moment now

Try to believe, and try to love
Your most precious thing is right by your side!

At this moment, let me hear the voice born within you, yes the irreplaceable you
Yell out with your most trusted voice, as nowhere i can find anyone like you

Right now,
As long as you are what you are
I don't care of what you do
The beginnings and endings as you decide are here

If it's a world with you in it
I'll never stay afar from you
Be it dreams, lies, love or darkness, never ever forget them all...


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Jul. 18th, 2013 08:17 pm (UTC)
hi! i saw your post on tumblr and realized that you didn't have an ask box so i'll just thank you here for your translations!

i've always wanted to see androp live but seeing that i am seriously oceans away, that'll probably never happen. watching live videos also do not help but it seems like a really amazing experience! like that metrock clip in the video (it's metrock, yes?) the crowd seems to love it. ahhh.

anyway, thanks again for the translations! it's really hard for me to scavenge for anything androp (be it live videos or translations or photos) so this is a treat n____n
Jul. 19th, 2013 09:16 am (UTC)
hi! actually i don't really know much the ways around tumblr, only use that to search stuff, like androp but as always not much emerge.

honestly, not much stuff u can scavenge especially if what u want is photos, or maybe things'll change from now on, but yeah, they have remained mysterious for so long. their lives are fabulous!! i'm really looking forward for the dvd released next month, coz that hall experience was really amazing (i attended the one in osaka), i wonder how much of that can be captured in dvd, coz really, i cried because i was so touched when watching that show.

a pleasure to share this around, their music is really my favorite, they're so precious now
Jul. 22nd, 2013 04:07 pm (UTC)
yeah, it's hard finding any androp stuff on tumblr! right now it's a constant flow of the voice pv which i don't mind because i smiled really hard while watching the video. the concept they wrote on the website for it made it so much better too.

i'd love more photos but i would even love it more if i could find videos of them live. they are great live and they have this certain presence that i haven't seen from bands that have possibly been on stage for longer! they are very charismatic. it seems to me that the audience all has a connection when they watch androp and i think that's why you were touched? i would cry too if i saw them live. especially it would be a rarity if i did.

once again, thanks! i love their music so much as well. and i'm hoping they go far in their career and more people find out about them.
Jul. 23rd, 2013 07:18 am (UTC)
you should get their live dvd! when i watched the 1st dvd, it already made me extremely excited b4 going to see them for real. and when u get familiar with their music videos, it kinda get you hyped up to see how they incorporate those visuals into their live performances in a very beautiful way. as i already mentioned, now i'm really looking forward to the upcoming live dvd, just how would they capture the magic of the show, hard to put in words but it was just simply marvellous!
Jul. 23rd, 2013 03:11 pm (UTC)
i would if i could! their dvds are set only for a certain region and the states isn't one of them! i could try changing up my dvd player or something but it seems like something where it might not work and i'd be left with a dvd i cannot play :( i've seen some of the visuals from other live performances and it's great!
Jul. 19th, 2013 07:31 am (UTC)
yeaaaah!! voice lyric translation!! it is very fast!!
i always thought that "Voice" will be a bit mellow / slow song like rainbows or end roll.. but i was wrong
when i heard "Voice" for the first time in their radio program, i always want to sing in the "Oooooooo" part.. >.<

thx again for the translation!!
Jul. 23rd, 2013 07:20 am (UTC)
i love this song sooo much i can't help but doing the translations, pardon at how bad it turned out though. i also love the drama, i remember when watching the first ep, when the song plays at the background, i got so excited!
Aug. 31st, 2013 09:53 pm (UTC)
omg !
sank you !!!
i was searching for translation ! ;A;
i fall in love with this band ;A;
where can i found their stuff ? :(
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