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androp - Star lyrics + translation

Well well well, i've been away from updating online for a long while, let alone writing anything. But yesterday, getting to go to a gig after a long hiatus due to my work gave me immediate inspiration, that is to translate song as i used to do before. and it is none other than androp! Thanks to my friend who kindly picked this one as her request or i'll spend time thinking which to do and just may end up doing nothing at all. So yeah, the gig was marvelous as usual, my first time at Zepp Nagoya, and best of all, i made new friends instantly, and they were so friendly!! I go splendid view as my number was really nice, i got 3rd row center. We had great times though i was bewildered why it felt so calm around me even during 'MirrorDance', but they all turned the switch during 'Voice'. It was so exhilarating even Uchisawa was gasping for breath once that song was done. androp rocks the night!!

Androp - Star


君は独りじゃない いつも側にいるよ
流れた涙は まだ溢れてしまうけど

大丈夫 大丈夫 もうすぐ笑えるから

そこにいてよ 側にいてよ
君がいてくれるなら 僕は手を伸ばすよ


大丈夫 大丈夫 一緒に乗り越えるよ
繋いでよ 繋いでよ 歌うから

どこにいても 離れていても
君がいる それだけで僕に意味が生まれる


そこにいてよ 側にいてよ
足りないって数えようと 誰かと比べようと
ここにいるよ 笑っていてよ


You're never alone, i'm always here beside you
though the tears may overflow yet again

It's okay, it's okay now, you'll probably be smiling soon
So let us together greet this coming day

Just be there, stay by my side
If you're there for me, i'll surely reach out my hands
so we could be together forever
Like a glittering light out from the darkness
What I'm witnessing here is such a shiny star

Even if the passing days and month wear your heart out
or even if you had to leave behind your dream at the abyss of despair

It's okay, it's okay now, together we'll surely survive
Hold my hand, and keep holding, i'll be singing here

Wherever I am, even when we're apart
I can sense you, and just that already gives me a meaning to go on
and it'll stay that way forever on
Fear not getting hurt, so why won't you try
loving this world with you in it

I want to stay as someone owned by no others
Before the promise of our own will
breaks away
So hey... hey... hey.. hey.. heyyyy~~!

Just be there, stay by my side
No matter how lacking you feel or how you try to compare with others
For me, you're best as you are
I am here, so just smile and stay that way
You're my light, my shining star


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Oct. 25th, 2015 03:02 am (UTC)
Sankyuuuuuu Iman~ 😘😘😘
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