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androp - Star lyrics + translation

Well well well, i've been away from updating online for a long while, let alone writing anything. But yesterday, getting to go to a gig after a long hiatus due to my work gave me immediate inspiration, that is to translate song as i used to do before. and it is none other than androp! Thanks to my friend who kindly picked this one as her request or i'll spend time thinking which to do and just may end up doing nothing at all. So yeah, the gig was marvelous as usual, my first time at Zepp Nagoya, and best of all, i made new friends instantly, and they were so friendly!! I go splendid view as my number was really nice, i got 3rd row center. We had great times though i was bewildered why it felt so calm around me even during 'MirrorDance', but they all turned the switch during 'Voice'. It was so exhilarating even Uchisawa was gasping for breath once that song was done. androp rocks the night!!

Androp - Star


君は独りじゃない いつも側にいるよ
流れた涙は まだ溢れてしまうけど

大丈夫 大丈夫 もうすぐ笑えるから

そこにいてよ 側にいてよ
君がいてくれるなら 僕は手を伸ばすよ


大丈夫 大丈夫 一緒に乗り越えるよ
繋いでよ 繋いでよ 歌うから

どこにいても 離れていても
君がいる それだけで僕に意味が生まれる


そこにいてよ 側にいてよ
足りないって数えようと 誰かと比べようと
ここにいるよ 笑っていてよ


You're never alone, i'm always here beside you
though the tears may overflow yet again

It's okay, it's okay now, you'll probably be smiling soon
So let us together greet this coming day

Just be there, stay by my side
If you're there for me, i'll surely reach out my hands
so we could be together forever
Like a glittering light out from the darkness
What I'm witnessing here is such a shiny star

Even if the passing days and month wear your heart out
or even if you had to leave behind your dream at the abyss of despair

It's okay, it's okay now, together we'll surely survive
Hold my hand, and keep holding, i'll be singing here

Wherever I am, even when we're apart
I can sense you, and just that already gives me a meaning to go on
and it'll stay that way forever on
Fear not getting hurt, so why won't you try
loving this world with you in it

I want to stay as someone owned by no others
Before the promise of our own will
breaks away
So hey... hey... hey.. hey.. heyyyy~~!

Just be there, stay by my side
No matter how lacking you feel or how you try to compare with others
For me, you're best as you are
I am here, so just smile and stay that way
You're my light, my shining star

Androp - Shout (Lyrics + Translation)

I'm really glad they use this song as theme song for 'Kazokugari' drama. The story is very dark and mysterious, and this song is like giving the story the element of 'hope'. While 'voice' made me wanna dance each time it came as background music when i watched 'Woman', Shout strikes a chord somewhere inside me. And how happy i am when my sister enquired me abt this song from the drama. Yeah, i know androp will go farther and farther. Can't wait to see them in Tokyo this Sept, and what more, i'll be enjoying it with my dear friend, bokunosubete who'll be coming all the way to japan!

Shout (kanji lyrics sourced from their official website, translation by snylo)

ひとことの優しさが 君を傷つけてしまう
この心は君と僕の 為だけに生きれない

思いを声にすれば 誰かが傷つけようとする
その心は君と僕が どうなる為にあるの?

One word of kindness, ends up hurting you
This heart is not enough to be just for you and me

If i were to voice out my feeling, it'll only hurt somebody
Then just what are we supposed to do with this heart

息が詰まるよ 息が詰まるよ

The flow of people rushing past one another
The precious things aren't reflected in their eyes
This heart is overwhelming, i'm now in tears
It's getting harder to breath, and harder to breath

今 君の声を聞かせて

Searching for the light, towards the shout
Rather than praying for righteousness, just look at the present
Risking life pursuing your dreams
Comes along neverending pain
For now, just let me hear your voice


The real kindness
Would only hurt somebody
If I were to be genuinely strong
I can even turn weak in order to protect you

どうすればいいの? どうすればいいの?

Even though the person i want to protect is just next to me
I can't even reach out my hand to make you warm
I'm afraid "Hang On!" might only be a stabbing word
What should I do? What should I do??

今 君に聞こえているだろ

Searching for the light, down the path you chose
Rather than praying for righteousness, just look at the present
Risking life pursuing your dreams
This ceaseless shout
I believe you can already hear it by now

ひとことの優しさが 君を傷つけてしまう
この心は君と僕の 為だけに生きてみたい

One word of kindness, ends up hurting you
But I'd like to live by offering my heart just for you and me

今 君の声で叫んで

Searching for the light, towards the shout
Rather than praying for righteousness, just live the present
While risking life pursuing your dreams
The neverending shout
Let me hear it along with your only voice
Now, use your voice and shout it all out
To this damn world

Androp - One (Lyrics + Translations)

Yeah, androp combo posts! As usual, i have something else to be done, and surely i got distracted, thus the continuous post.

above is the behind the scene videos where I can see a lot of cute smiles~


作曲︰Takahito Uchisawa
作詞︰Takahito Uchisawa





シナリオなどはないから さあ
今 呼吸をして

ひとつとひとつ あわせてひとつ
ふたつもみっつも あわせてひとつ




明日に答えはないから さあ
今 一瞬を生きて

ひとつとひとつ あわせてひとつ
ふたつもみっつも あわせてひとつ


今 君を見して

ひとつとひとつ あわせてひとつ
ふたつもみっつも あわせてひとつ


By any chance, this world
might just be a tiny toy garden
And someone by name of God
watches over from sky up above

At times, we might just be under their control
So i guess things just make sense
If that so, even this step
won’t be much of a difference then?

Our screams, worries and wishes
Are they heard or are they unheard?
First of all, if we indeed exist here
How about we move on and fight?
And then, try to believe in ourselves?

I got no wings on me
but I’ll fly on my own when i want to

Just head on towards your favourite dreams and places
It is a story of none other but your own
There’s no preset scenario or anything
For now, take a deep breath

When you take one and one, together it’s one
Be it two or three, together we’re one
We’re connected, hand in hand
Hey, a huge world has just been born

Here is the world only you know
and there’s yourself unknown to others
Try to take one step, and then two and three
The time also move on like one, two, three

A small something
is connecting into one
Let’s become one even more
You can fly on your own if you want to
Let’s head towards the answer you chose!

To your favourite place with someone you like
It’s a proof of no one else's but yours
There’s no answer to tomorrow
So let’s just live in this moment!

When you take one and one, together it’s one
Be it two or three, together we’re one
We’re connected, hand in hand
Our era has just begun

You just as you are, none other but you
I don’t want anyone but you
Let me be with you forever

Just head on towards your favourite dreams and places
The only existence belonged to no one else
You’re shining ever so bright
Now, show yourself off

When you take one and one, together it’s one
Be it two or three, together we’re one
We’re connected, hand in hand
Hey, a huge world has just been born
We’re connecting to a shining world

It has been a couple months since the release of the androp's latest album. I'm such a melancholic person, this song quickly stuck on me from the impactful first second of it. The emotional sound in it, it just brings me along with its sadness. The album overall is splendid, just like previous ones, i can listen to it again and again for months without bore. The Yoyogi's Kokuritsu show during last March, needless to say, it was utterly marvellous! I enjoyed it so much, and to see they are putting more efforts to entertain the audience are worth to compliment for. Too bad i couldn't buy the goods on the concert day, but yeah they still arrived at my door just recently and I'm happy to wear the brand new tshirt while reliving the wonderful moments. and now I'm looking forward to see them in thwwnext tour where i can enjoy with my dear friend who's coming all the way to Japan this September!

2014-05-06 02.25.27

Light along

作曲︰Takahito Uchisawa
作詞︰Takahito Uchisawa


いつまでも離れずに ずっと側で



いつまでも消えないで 僕の側で

偶然とか 本当は知らない

いつまでも離さずに 君の側で


いつまでも離れずに ずっと側で


Even if we’re apart
I won’t ever forget your words and your smiles
They’ll be forever here by my side

For example, the questions of why we live on
or why we’re born, the answer is beyond me
At least if we think there’s a meaning to it
I guess it won’t be as sad

Tomorrow will surely trouble us
But hey, i still remember the promise
If that will disappear somewhere
like the running tears
So tell me

Hold on to me
That strength and pain from that hand, they’re unforgettable
Even if we’re apart
The smiles you gave are connecting you and me
They forever remain by my side

Were our meeting a complete miracle
or just by pure chance, the truth is totally beyond me
But I want to believe
that we’re always connected to each other
So tell me

Please smile!
To me, any scenery with you in it is forever beautiful
Grab on!
Even if the world you touch upon will tell you lies someday
(I) won’t be apart, forever by your side

Even on days I’m shivering in the dark
I’ll reach out my hand to the light by my side

Hold on to me
That strength and pain from that hand, they’re unforgettable
Even if we’re apart
Everything you gave me are connecting you and me
They’ll be forever here by my side

I’ll reach out my hands

Androp - Missing (lyrics + translation)

I have been so inactive in writing anything be it online or offline. well, so this is my post after a long while, and of course it's because androp has just released yet another brilliant song, a very moving and heartbreaking especially after I read the background of the song. The song is written by Uchisawa after he lost someone precious which left him in great grief, and he turned that feeling into this one beautiful song. And also, from a comment i read in youtube, it made me notice that another song I like, 'Image Word' from their 1st album is somehow related to the content of this song. The image i always get from that song is a serene scene by the lake but I've never actually looked into the lyric of that song before. But after i checked out the lyric just now, i can't deny it must be referring to the same person in this song too.

Watching this video can't help me feel they are now slowly unveiling themselves more (yeah, mainly because Uchisawa's fringes are getting shorter, lol). To remind how it was 2 years ago when i first got into them and virtually there was nothing they disclose about themselves. Though getting the ticket to their tour show was a challenge to me, there was not even profile page in their official website, and going there, they mentioned only the band name. Thank goodness i checked on wiki beforehand which only had sparse info (now, so many things are updated which are mainly from magazine interviews so all the instruments they used and are using are disclosed), at least i know whose name they were referring to during the MC part. Last time I went to their tour, at least they had the credit video with the members name. great improvement. And now, they are getting my expectations high from the upcoming show! they seemed to be refraining during J-wave live 2000+13 last August especially with the lightings, personally i guess they just didn't want to overdo Sakanaction whose lighting was just superb.

Btw, single 'Missing' has grey-black colour theme, so it confirms my guess that a new album is coming soon and it's gonna have green theme. I wonder what's the title this time, probably it'll start with 'P'! Pure? Lol

lyric&music : Takahito Uchisawa


思い出して 笑う

歩き出したい けど










I keep recalling the moments you were here
Each time, it makes me smile
So many seasons have gone by
Swiftly without a sound

The clock’ s hands are moving
I want to move on, but
The seasons are leaving me behind
Forever and ever

The reason I'm not forgetting you
is because you cried
Even now
I ended up searching (for your voice)
This entire time

Getting hurt, and hurt again
They say everyone will someday grow up
I’m missing you, missing you so much
But your voice is just not here
Just why won’t this feeling reach you

The distance we’ve been apart
If only that can make me stronger
I'll keep wishing of
the future I believe in

If this is a dream, please wake me up

The conversations we had..
The days the tears were shed..
So I make a wish upon the star
No more than this one wish

I don’t want to lose anything anymore
We can still protect it
Let me hear your name
I’ll call you with all my might
Yet, it’s just nowhere to be found

Getting hurt, and hurt again
They say everyone will someday grow up
I’m missing you, missing you so much
But your voice is just nowhere to be found

The darkness of this grief
Let it be light to another
I keep on breathing, and breathing
Hopefully this wound will heal someday
Let this heart burn with love


Oh my, i don't know how many times i've been listening to this on repeat. i was soooo sad when they announce the recruitment to participate in the making of this music video and i couldn't make it due to other engagements on the said weekend. the Oooooo part has been really catchy from the teaser trailer and once they aired it for the firt time in their radio show, thankfully i got the rip and i've been listening on loop ever since. Now they've put up the full video, just watching it for the first few seconds already recalls how i felt during their live shows, it's so stunning it makes me cry unknowingly. They always make me amazed. Yeah~ *speechless*

As inscrutable the vocalist, Uchisawa can ever be as always, expressions worn by other members really makes you feel how intoxicated they are performing it too, it just makes you feel so fun. The guitarist, Sato just has that boyish charm, making you smile as you see him having fun throughout it while the drummer, Ito who mysteriously has that killing beam he doesn't show often and bassist, Maeda like a big brother showing you the skills he has there. All resonates beautifully with Uchisawa's wonderful voice.

Oh yeah, this reminds me a chuckling moment when i actually heard they said 'voice' in a katakanized english, it sounds like bo-i-su = 'boys'.

They do have staff with excellent english at their side, just look at their website, it has been a lot of help (at least to me) with the english explanation coming together with the japanese, they might think it's cool to have it in english as well, whoever it may be thankfully they got full-fledged people to do it.

And now i really really long to see them live. the last time was abt 4 months ago, n the next tour is end of the year. i need to see them, i miss them T.T

Maybe with the tie-up with the TV drama, more people will recognize them, and looking at recent approach of utilizing their looks more than before, crawling out a bit from their shell of mysteriousness (can you believe, it takes up to nearly the release of the 4th album that they actually disclose their names properly?). Quite a bad news to me now the tickets to their shows is more expensive, but even with big venues, they already showed it to me they manage to pull it off magnificently.

Now they already made me expect high for their next concert goods. i don't know what kind of designers they have, what marvelous job they'e done so far. enough babbling, here's the lyric's and translation of the new song:

I want to like myself!Collapse )

Falling for them again

yeah i'm addicted to the new song by flumpool. it has been on loop. though my love for them sorta gone cold lately, this one burns it up again. good job, kazuki! though u're off the picture now, i know you're working hard at the back.

so it has been waaaay back since my last post. and because i'm too happy with the new song, i tried to give a shot at translating it. here it goes:

flumpool - 大切なものは君以外に見当たらなくて |

I could find none other as precious as you


「あぁ ごめんね」って ねぇ 君は今日も
そう 目を腫らし 歩いていくんだ
「こんな 私でも ねぇ 支えたい」 そう 夢を見る 勇敢な日々

いつも 胸を痛めて いつも 嘆きながら

今 街中に そう 部屋中に あぁ ため息は 絶えやしないけど
頑張りすぎないでよ 考えすぎないでよ
単純にそうつまり 笑っていてよ

そう 現に愛に世界中 動かされてく
もう 些細な 他愛ない 問題 君が笑えば
そう everything everything 君だけが 大事なんだよ

そっと ありがとう ねぇ 君は今日も
そう 繰り返し 暮らしていくんだ
満員電車に揺られ 小さなその肩で 見知らぬ誰かを 支えている

きっと 誰かが君を きっと 信じるから
今日も 君は笑うよ

重要なのは今 君が 生きている事
もう いっそ全部 無くしても 失うものはない
もう 些細な 他愛ない 心配 君が笑えば
そう 24 24 君という愛を感じよう

叫ぼう 胸の痛みを 刻もう 夢見ながら
進もう 威風堂々 君と 生きてゆく

最愛の君がいつも 輝くために
今 現に愛が この僕を 動かしてゆく
そう 手にしたい 手にしたい 存在 君に触れたい
そう 24 24 君がいる ここにいる

今 現に愛に誰もがそう 動かされてく
もう 些細な 他愛ない 問題 生きていれば
そう 24 24 君だけが 大事なんだよ
どんな時も 愛している


"Oops, I'm sorry", now you said that again, and then you walked away with your swollen eyes

"If only i could be of any help" keeping on dreaming of that, without losing any hope

As always, the heart is hurting, constantly living in grief

Now, in this whole town, also, throughout this room, aah, the sighs are never-ending

There's no need to try too hard, or to think too much. Just take it easy, and laugh it out

I could find none other as precious as you

You know, love is making the world go round as we talk

All problems seem to be petty and silly once you smile

Yes, everything, everything, is not important as much as you

Gently saying thank you, over and over, that's how you live on today as well

Swayed in a packed train, that small shoulder of yours, is supporting another stranger

No doubt, someone is putting trust in you, for sure

And today, you're smiling too

What's important is that you're living

Even if everything else is gone, i lose nothing

All worries just seem petty and silly once you smile

Yeah, 24/7, feeling the love in the presence of you

Yell out, all the pain in the heart, make a mark as you go towards your dream

Advance ahead as high and mighty as you can be, and live this life

My sweet dear, you're so brilliant as always

Right now, this love is turning me alive for real

How i want you so bad, so bad, be a part of your life

Yeah, 24/7, you're here, right here

I could find none other as precious as you

You see, everyone is being moved around by the work of love

All problems seem to be petty and silly if you live on

Yes, 24/7, nothing else is important but you

At all times, i'm in love with you

Only with you

Androp - Rainbows lyrics + translation

and yes, i'm still high from their last releases (which is like 3 months ago?). I already miss seeing Androp since i last saw them in mid January. btw, they just disclosed the details of the merchandise for the upcoming tour! i wonder how they are enjoying it to come out with such products. i don't have to say anymore about the design, they simply pull it off every time. now, they have orgel for Waltz! but, but, but, it's sooo expensive >.< considering from now on i have to watch out more on my spending as money is getting a bit difficult, why do they have to offer such tempting stuff?? with Waltz being among my top fav song. and i just bought the new tote bag which is instantly a favorite! androp, you are flushing money away from me

Enough babbling, the main topic is this, the 6th track from 'One and Zero', Rainbows! i heard it from their radio show but i forgot the explanation as to why the title is in plural form. this is also the theme song for 'Suzuki-sensei' Movie, which is indeed a very good movie which is a sequel to the drama. i fully recommend this story, it is really eye-opening, and the actings are good too. and Hasegawa Hiroki is just hot. So, after quite a bit of difficult time trying to translate this song, i ended up finishing it after all, honestly this makes me blame myself for being not that good in Nihongo. This is such a calming song, i love it since the first time listening to it. so yeah, enjoy (and watch Suzuki-sensei)!

LyricsCollapse )

2013-02-26 12.17.05

Androp - Encore (lyrics + translation)

This is my personal favourite next to Message in androp's latest album - one and zero. How i imagined this to be the perfect encore call. When i went to Tsutarock Live the other day, it indeed was! after they performed their last song, it was unspoken but everyone already had it in mind, to sing the chorus part to call for encore, i mean it's the perfect one! and we all sang it, over and over, over and over. it was so spectacular, the voices hardly died down at all, compared to usual encore call. and then uchisawa appeared, just by himself. while his fringes covered most of his face, it couldn't hide his delight and being so pleased as he said, "will everyone sing together again? as i'm going to sing this exact song!". It is a simple acoustic song, and uchisawa is the only one performing it with his guitar. each time it was chorus part, the voices of the audience were overwhelming, i mean, it's our exact desire, we want him to sing more, just more. and there's the part nearly the end where it goes 'lalaaaaaaa, lalalalaaa' with his high voice, it was so beautiful and we sang along, but i know it's going to end it made it a bit bitter. but yeah, the whole song was fabulous.

you may wanna try listening to it here

lyrics hereCollapse )

their next tour in spring is gonna be held in halls, i was quite repulsive at firs as i really adore the live atmosphere in livehouses, but i think i cannot pass this one after all, their songs would be marvelous no matter how. and yes, i still haven't witnessed 'end roll' being performed live, that one will make it worth it for sure.

Androp - Message lyrics & translation

lately, i've been so intoxicated by androp, and their recent show i went really didn't disappoint me despite it being a short one and on a bad snowy day. but more importantly, they performed most of my favourite songs! yes, including this one. since the first time i listened to the latest album, aside from the songs i had priorly listened to, 'Message' caught much of my attention. the catchy tune plus the repetitive phrase makes it an interesting one to listen to. so here, i tried my hand letting this be understood for bigger masses, though honestly i think my english is deteriorating the longer i live here, so pardon me. 

'Message' starts at 4:40. the first song is Boohoo, another nice song as well (well, they just do marvelous show for any of their songs, what can i say)

lyrics+translationsCollapse )
if it's because of you
if it's because of me
the wish we had let loose
can never be taken back

p/s: i remembered i also had made a translation for end roll but i think i forgot to save it. silly me/ redid the end roll translation after all since there was a request.

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