insatiable obsession

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well, to just fill in this part, it took me so much time, that's the kind of person i am.

numerically, i'm nearly 21 according to gregorian calendar.

anyway, enjoys so much of japanese entertainment, be it manga, jdrama, or jmusic, they've become an addiction. a drama-addict in precise. prefers slow musics, which just penetrate deeper. my focus obsession being flumpool-they just got a full package you can't resist.

still do not know my way around in this amazing world of livejournal, so i stay with blogger for my regular vent of thoughts and emotions. but loves sharing stuff, so there're several translation i did put over here so far using my lousy language skill (sorry, neither english nor japanese is my first language).

oh, did i mention i'm indeed a girl? though people might often be confused from my 4-letter name (of course this username's not it)

and certainly love making friends, but seriously don't know how to. do they have class on it? jaaa, tomodachi ni natte kuremasenka?